Preparing Homes for Sale by Getting Rid of Linoleum

Preparing Homes for Sale manual Rid of Linoleum Renovating your home or just preparing your home for sale How to get regarding the existing linoleum As with any things renovation wise it can be a tough job but that would not mean you have to right away drag in the advisors. You can do it yourself and take all the praise shortly after. Linoleum floor can be clingy. And the difficulty in removing it must rely on its age and how it’s fixed to your deck. If your current linoleum is still who is fit with almost unnoticeable cracks and soundly fixed to your own floor you can let it sit in place and just cover it up by using your new floor material.

If you think thats cheating though and you dont want your real estate buyers discovering the coverup later then just collect linoleum and start over completely from scratch. This will take sweat on your account. Once you get the linoleum up youll have to cope with its adhesive material. Preferred tip when removing linoleum is to work in small sections. Cut the linoleum in workable sized strips or squares as you go and then peel them off. Not only will you remove most of of the surface layer of linoleum but it will help you in reaching the adhesive as easily. You can further attack the adhesive using a paint scraper or razor blade scrape.

The razor blades work much easier although hard stubborn adhesive and concrete floors take several blades as they blunt 1 day. Now that youve removed the associated with the linoleum and its backing you can proceed with the applying a solvent or chemical eliminator. Make sure you follow instructions and look at the warnings on the label and wear skin and eye protection for gloves and glasses. Again proceed by doing small sections at a the time. If you prefer not working with chemicals a lowcost way to adhesive removal involves just boiling water. Pour close to the remaining adhesive in small sections allow it to set a bit and then scrape.